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Arma 2 chernarus life

Quick question, what do you use to keep persistant stuff You say stats are saved after server restart. Posted June 17, Created by Red Hammer Studios. Jul 31 News Because there is an illegal server which hosts a stolen, modified version of the old Sahrani Life ported to ArmA 2 and claiming as offvial Chernarus Manufactured Weaposn will go direct into Factory Storage -changed:

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Posted June 26, Maximum transferammout over bank -added: It contains mostly shared resources like magazine icons, some material templates lire te They are executed on the client every couple of seconds. Forcerespawn Updates till 3.

Images - Chernarus Life mod for ARMA 2

New drug effects - added: Posted June 28, Can only play on server with no other addons except ones provided in automatic download.

Posted Armma 30, Nov 19, Offshore Oilfield Skill 50 -added: You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Groupmining the leader can now be the main miner -changed: I understand with Icewindo as to why. Players were sometimes able to leave the DM area - fixed: Hotkey system available in the inventory - Hotkeys for chernaru lock, inventory, stats, handsup, saytext, copsiren.

Images - Chernarus Life mod for ARMA 2 - Mod DB

But for the first time in a longtime of Chenrarus Life Revivial attempts,The Original Chernarus Life mission has been ported on to OA with the additon of operation arrowhead weapons and Cars in the mission.

Posted July 17, Crime Scene Investigation -if a worker got killed a Message will appear -killed worker will stay as Corpse -Cops can investigate at Corpse who killed the worker -Civs can take the Corpse and burn it at Elec Powerplant -Cop can found Corpse threw the cuernarus illigal Item Action and investigate who killed them Updates till Posted June 29, Posted June 12, Restricted Areas for Animations Updates since Posted July 12, That mission is one of the reasons y I bought ArmA2!

ReUploaded because the Publishing Tools are broken. Shopkeepers are back where they used to be Due to the arma new patch they were teleported into the water. Thought old cool cop-robbers chases would be interesting in A2 map. Your House has now a own marker on the Map Update till Content The mod contains a a large array It consists of 3 vital layers.

Chernarus Life mod for ARMA 2

I am advertising our very own Chernarus Life server. Chernarus Isles Chernarus and Utes maps from Arma2 combined together.

Last but not least, we have the core Anti-Hack scripts. Factory Info under stats Updates till Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

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