Study of prevalence of depression in adolescent students of a public school

Exclusion criteria All students suffering from any kind of chronic disease requiring prescribed medication. They understand how to handle situations without turning to drugs and alcohol or hurting themselves. However, the source of help makes all the difference on the influence it has on that person. Depression, Students, Public school. Final Research Paper research paper depression in adolescence Depression. The best method of coping with depression and preventing suicide is seeking help from other people.

Recognition, management, and outcomes of depression in primary care. The generalizability of the current results is limited since the adolescencce of the study was when the students had just entered 9 th standard and were in a jovial mood with comparatively lesser study load but this problem is adolescecne unless multiple studies are done at different times of the year and averaged out.

In today’s day and age, reasons for depression and suicide are quite similar; however, there’s more to it. Depression is a clinical illness that is derived from emotional detachment which research paper depression in adolescence results from traumatic experiences Childhood Adolescent Depression.

When adolescents experience stressful problems in their life, they tend to isolate themselves from their close friends and family and they become introverted Simpson and Simpson. These dysfunctional activities explain the research paper depression in adolescence and symptoms of depression and further elaborates on the brain destruction from harmful substances such as alcohol and drug abuse. They allow their depression to completely take over there and make themselves feel like there’s no way out but death.


The following are also contributors to teenage depression and suicide: Depression can affect someone for weeks, months, and in common cases, years Peacock The clinical spectrum of the disease can range from simple sadness to a major depressive or bipolar disorder Son And Kirchner, Depression in children and adolescents.

With therapy sessions and support from close friends and family, teens figure out how research paper depression in adolescence deal with their stress and pressure and learn how to channel their anger with the problems they face.

Although it is an afflicting concern today, depression dates back to centuries ago, but wasn’t fully recognized as a clinical illness until the ‘s.

All the students studying in 9th papet of the school were evaluated so as to eliminate any selection bias. Support Center Support Center. The study highlights the common but ignored problem of depression in adolescence. NFER Nelson ; Illustrated in recent statistics, therapy research paper depression in adolescence with professional help are the best ways to treat any form of depression Teenage Depression.

Study of prevalence of depression in adolescent students of a public school

Untreated depression becomes a direct link to suicide because, like a disease, it grows and becomes worse over time. Optimal diagnostic procedures should combine the use of depression-specific screening tools as diagnostic aids buttressed by follow-up clinical interviews in which one obtains information from other informants e.

Today in America, depression research paper depression in adolescence the first leading cause of suicide. For instance, the way friends and family might try to the victim would certainly differ from licensed, professional help Fassler and Dumas In some cases, people attempt to commit research paper depression in adolescence because they feel that they cannot go another day living in their given condition or they feel that no one cares for them and they think that killing themselves will make someone feel guilty or concerned.


It has been used in a variety of studies to represent the stress response.

Care Arch Pediatr Research paper depression in adolescence Med. If people think badly about them, that could possibly damage their self-esteem and pwper them to degrade themselves. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Because many adolescents are naturally inquisitive, they take into deep consideration what other people say about them and how other people feel about them.

They begin understand xdolescence severity of the decisions they make and the consequences that follow which causes them to stress more about it Fassler and Dumas Many people of different ethnic groups suffer from depression because, for the most part, we all experience the same type of issues rather its research paper depression in adolescence with love, relationships, jobs, money, or personal identity vs.