Both of those sheets were returned to me in a sealed envelope, signed across the seal. Personal statement examples phd psychology, in my case considering my BA average this research experience could make a big difference. Staying Organized I got myself a few simple folders you know, the yellow ones that hold sheets of paper in them – no need to punch holes or anything like thatand labeled them – one for each university or fellowship I was applying to.

This proved valuable later on, when I had to write about exammples research experience in my personal statement – it just helped me sound like I had a clue. On top personal statement examples phd psychology that, the way I presented my research experience may have helped the admission people decide whether or not I really knew what I was doing there, and how well I understood what was happening around me.

Just ask if they’d be willing to write you a recommendation – and try to ask this of people who you know appreciate you and can write good things about you. What Kind of Research?

As much as possible, is what everyone told me. In it went, as soon as I got them: The idea was psuchology get involved in the data analysis, and not just get stuck as somebody who personal statement examples phd psychology running subjects mindlessly.

I printed out the recommendation forms that the universities provided and filled out all the parts that I could, and then printed envelopes for the recommendation writers.


The Letters of recommendation. As one professor explained to me in a phone conversation: Having the printed details of the writer and myself on the envelope just made everything look nice and official.

I also decided that if the only way to get the experience will be to volunteer, I would personal statement examples phd psychology it – I would find some time to work in the lab for a few hours a week.

It is almost necessary for admission. This was probably the most long-term plan I’ve ever accomplished: I did interview for one psychopogy, but never got the job.

Back to Top Transcripts This was the easy part, although I waited too long to get them, and sgatement missed the time to send them personal statement examples phd psychology. I received a couple of positive answers, and at the end chose to go to a laboratory in Columbia University, hoping the professor I would work for would also write me a recommendation at the end – which actually happened, more than 6 months later. I don’t like it at all. I’ll discuss this a little personal statement examples phd psychology in the Personal Statement section, later.

And by then, I actually did: Here is an example of the letters I sent out.

Prior research counts very much in admission. I was right, which was a good thing – it was getting psychologt close to the deadline date. The idea was that once they were all there, my application package was ready to be sent.


Needless to say, I ordered more transcripts than I thought I would need, just in case I would suddenly discover I’m applying personal statement examples phd psychology 3 extra universities.

How I Got Into the Stanford Psychology Ph.D. Program – The Application Process

This turned out to be a very good thing, since I could not have ended up in a better place than I eventually did. But just how important was it?

I came with no research experience, and needed to come up with some. Anything else psycnology was required by the specific university. Where Can I Get It? It’s never bad to have a couple personal statement examples phd psychology extra ones.

At first I looked for jobs in my area, where “research coordinators” or “research assistants” were sought after.