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Backup launcher wii

Black screen after the "Loading" screen. After the "Press Start" screen it goes black. Hola, adquiri una Wii con el GC Backup loader en su version 0. It will return to normal when you move to another area.

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Me carga algunas partes sin sonido otras sin musica y para colmo sin voces.

Black screen when loading Wii games iamfearlezzMay 14, Soporte para el Freeloader. Runs slow with "Rebooter" option. Corregido Baxkup Air Ride. All the backing up and loading is done with the Wii disc drive and the external HDD. NTSC-U works great multi and shrunk. Page 1 of Cutscenes are a little laggy and there are a couple of flashes in-game, but's it's nothing serious.

Gamecube Backup Launcher Compatibility List

Transfer of Ageto Celebi to completed US save file worked perfectly! Make sure that no save file is persent while saving or else, the memory card is formatted. Multiplayer works fine with pressing start. Sound off in the comments and share the gaming goodness with your fellow readers. Also works shrunk with multi-game iso.

You need an existing Savegame from a original disc otherwise it will load the first mission instead of main menu. Cyan Oct 5, Currently there's no audio streaming solution by software, so there's missing music in the menu and probalbly other parts of the game too.

Wii Backup Loader - ElOtroLado

Even a GB hard drive can hold more Wii games than you could even get around to playing. On PAL it runs fine on a multi-boot iso. Works fine on neogamma with multi-game.

Works shrunken in multigame iso. Cutscenes and audio desync sometimes. Disk read error when trying to start a new game, or when loading a saved game if game booted without reloader. Pero cuando juego al zelda twilight princes para gamecube no funciona las teclas L y R del joystick y en el resto de todos los juegos kauncher.

Remember, keep the folder structure the same!

Install a Wii Game Loader for Easy Backups and Fast Load Times

Souliousery Oct 11, On everything else you get: Everything else is perfect, shrunk on multigame iso. Black Screen on everything else. The game resets after the Game Over screen by design.

Last message time Thread creation time Title alphabetical Number of replies Number of views First message likes. Entered Truck Selection and played a few races just fine.

Wii - Backup Loaders

Search this forum only Display results as ,auncher. Audio problems including no voices and missing music. Re-insert to continue but the music will sound very glitched.

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