Why use the Modern template? Download this template here. Major Features Smaller margins that maximize the amount of information that can be included Centered contact information Margins Top —.

Resume Cover Letter Template for Word | Sample Cover Letters

This one, also from Hloom, gives you exactly what the name suggests: Need a little help? They contain additional writing guidelines and tips.

About Us Working at Hudson. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and I look forward to hearing from you. This format uses a light tone and a refined font that soothes the eyes.

Cover Letter Template

I have been very excited to learn about [cite some development, project or aspect of the company that appeals to you and demonstrates your knowledge of the company. Ability microsoft cover letter templates for resume work with others on interdisciplinary design teams in order to meet goals and complete projects on time. Please login or sign up to comment. This is perhaps the microsoft cover letter templates for resume imaginative of all the Word-based resume templates on this list — with both a skills meter and a comic headshot.


This template features a unique way of presenting your professional skill set — a Venn diagram! The illustration on the top-left of this template shows who the designers at Hloom had in mind for this resume: The warm-colored panel on the right-hand side is pre-formatted for a written profile, where you can write a summary of your background or a form letter to each employer. Take a look at how the examples above accomplish this.

My key skills are [insert a few key points or strengths] and my career highlights include: Next week I will contact you to schedule an interview.

Are you an analytics buff? Why use the Milano template?

50 Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates That’ll Land You the Job

There is a section for a summary, education, experience, awards, skills, social media, and contact details. Customer Stories Case Studies Reviews.

The key to getting a job in customer service is to showcase your ability to upsell and retain customers. You can also change the font if you wish and the same goes for every template in our list. Careers in the healthcare industry require a wide range of experience and education. Don’t use it to simply recreate your resume.


Major Features A larger name font that attracts attention Smaller margins that allow the applicant to include more information Margins Top —. Want to add a longer profile about yourself to your resume? Download the entire set here.

No matter what industry you work in or your experience level in that industrya plain, microsoft cover letter templates for resume resume written in Times New Roman font can actually weaken a job application. I am a [insert personal characteristics] professional who [add more information on how you can add value to future lettee. Talent Insights Hudson Blog. This template makes your resume look a little more chic. I have [insert number] years of experience in the industry and most recently I have [insert a brief outline of your recent professional experience].