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California gis data

City of San Diego. Also included is the Analytical Tools Interface for Landscape Assessments ATtILA ArcView extension that allows users to calculate common landscape metrics, including landscape, riparian, and physical characteristics, and human stresses. The detailed map of bottomland hardwoods will allow for the identification.

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Geo Community Statewide California Data.

GIS and Digital Spatial Data

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Low-altitude meters above ground level digital images were obtained from a camera mounted on a 3DR Solo quadcopter, a small unmanned aerial system UASin three locations along the Lake Ontario calicornia in New York during July It has many uses ranging from recreation to scientific analysis to emergency response.

Cal-Atlas GeoSpatial Downloads The Cal-Atlas site facilitates the coordinated and sustainable development, maintenance, licensing and sharing of geospatial califrnia and web map services by California government agencies, partners and stakeholders. New Mexico Water Science Center.

Geological Survey USGS scientists are leading a diverse range of studies to address CyanoHAB issues in water bodies throughout the United States, using a combination of traditional clifornia and emerging technologies, and in collaboration with numerous partners.

The National Map is easily accessible for display on the Web, as products and services, and as downloadable data.

Maps and Geographic Information Systems: GIS Data

Relying on its highly skilled staff, the Library encourages innovation, capitalizes on appropriate technologies, forges effective partnerships and aggressively promotes excellence. California Cities Compiled from city government websites. Connect from Off-Campus Hours Contact. Includes watershed maps and a library of research documents.

GeoData California Geographic data available through key maps, charts and various data types. These products were developed to provide scientific and correspondingly spatially explicit information regarding the distribution and abundance of conifers namely, singleleaf pinyon Pinus monophyllaUtah juniper Juniperus osteospermaand western juniper Juniperus occidentalis in Nevada and portions of northeastern California.

Year Select Year Five principal components are used to represent the climate variation in an original gid of claifornia climate variables reflecting precipitation and temperature gradients.

California Geospatial Data University of Arkansas Libraries - Links to California state agencies and other sources that have geospatial data available. California Geospatial Data California Geoportal Run by the State of California - provides easy and convenient ways to discover daa share geospatial data resources.

Some data purchased by the library and contributed data are restricted for use by UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff.

City of Newport Beach. The mission of the UCLA Library is to provide access to and delivery of information resources to UCLA students, faculty, and gus in support of the research and instructional mission of the university. Datasets include landcover, ggis stewardship and ownership, Jepson ecological region boundaries, predicted distribution of terrestrial vertebrate species, and other basic reference datasets.

GeoData UC Berkeley UC Berkeley - MapUp interface allows users to discover geospatial data holdings, preview geospatial data, create custom maps using a web browser, and download geospatial data in a variety of formats. Hydrography Data and Caoifornia We also evaluate patterns in missing data that relate to potential animal activities that change the orientation of antennae and characterize home-range probability of GPS detection for four species.

City of Palo Alto. Lake Tahoe Data Clearninghouse U.

GIS Data - Data and Tools

These data were collected to document and monitor effects of high lake levels, including shoreline erosion, inundation, and property damage. Start exploring by topic below. City of Mission Viejo. Oct 1, 3: City of Santa Cruz.

Employees in the News. The detailed map of bottomland hardwoods will allow for the identification. Here we explore environmental effects on GPS fix acquisition rates across environmental conditions and detection rates for bias correction of terrestrial GPS-derived large mammal habitat use.

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