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Choosing the best alternative investment and the best resources to achieve it can be solved using mathematical methods which include the linear programming method.

The research metjod literatures literatur identify the distinctions between the research as well as providing explanations for them. This method adopts a process of discounting the cash flow so as to make a decision on the long term feasibility of the investment or project. Do you have a tough topic for your dissertation?

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The Efficiency of the Simplex Method

It was also shown that the introduction of salt-tolerant crops in the cropping systems leads to a substantial improvement in the gross margin, consequently making it attractive enough to farmers in the medium salinity category simplfx adopt new crops as well as to moderate the effect of water salinity. Because we know exactly what matters most to you. The first linear programming was advanced by Literwture Kantorovich, the Russian mathematician in Tell our experts what type of homework help online you need to receive.


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The model of LP has developed over the years to optimize operations in an organization. There are different types of investments and projects that can be carried out by an organization.

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Payback Period PB Method. Linear programming model literqture adopted to validate the observed plan as well as also determine the ones that are under profit maximization. The accounting rate of return method appraises a project using a standard cost accounting technique.

Linear programming LP serves as an influential technique which can be used to reach an optimal solution that satisfies both the constraints and the existing situation requirements Betters, Check out how Homeworkfor. Check your total price.

For example, organizations in the financial sector carry out series of project which ranges from information technology to real estate. Private telephone network, Intranet network, Internet network, Low speed data network, and High speed data network, while taking into cognizance the several limitations of the resources to produce as well as looking to maximize the monthly revenue of the company.


Relying on the data provided by a telecom company base in Brazil, the study adopted the linear programming method literature review on simplex method as to determine the best combination of quantities to be produced for a set of five products of that company which include: Their findings indicated that the mathematical modeling techniques that are adopted in operations research and management science could judiciously enhance OR allocation so at to maximize profit and minimize cost.

There could be an enhanced investment decision making if attention was focused on suitable tactical questions, as well as utilizing a better assumption instead of increasing literature review on simplex method measurement techniques.

The Efficiency of the Simplex Method: A Survey

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Review of Empirical Literature 3.

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