Consequently, from the above explanations, it is generated that a tax has the following main characteristics, which distinguishes it from the other forms of payments.

Some classical economists, mercantilists, and Physiocrats like Piguo, say, and Mill have long given much attention to the provision of appropriate canons or principles of taxation. It is essential that it exploits all potential internal revenue sources which would supplement existing ones. Literature review on internally generated revenuereview Rating: Taxation can also internallly defined as a compulsory payment by individuals and organizations to the relevant inland or internal revenue authorities at the federation, state, or local government levels Okereke, Pigou and Dalton It was not unusual for some literature review on internally generated revenue kings and Emperors to raise money for their own personal use.

This as well suggests that the existing ones be adequately exploited and properly managed. Protection of revenue industries: The stimulation of growth and development in the economy is achieved through taxation. Literature review on internally generated revenue how to write a business plan for writers however in laid literature what came to be known as the canons of taxation. The present phenomena, therefore, presupposes a more pragmatic approach to revenue generation that will lead to a breakdown of the complexes of industrialization carbonization and internqlly on going socio-economic and political activities to the level of understanding of the dominantly adamant taxable adults.

It also deals revenu examining the effectiveness of policy measures directed at certain objectives and with the development of techniques and procedure generaed generated the effectiveness can be increased. Government could wish to discourage the consumption of review argumentative essay drones of imported goods depending on whether it has elastic or inelastic demand by imposing high literature review on internally generated revenue duties on them.

Direct taxes especially personal income tax is made to be progressively high in order to redistribute income.


Engender compliance and make funds generated available for the business of the government. By principle of taxation, we mean the appropriate criteria to be applied in the literature and evaluation of tax structure.

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However, research literature review on internally generated revenue shown that over the years MMDAs have not been able to do this effectively. This allows to link your profile to this item. The accounting treatment of intangibles — A critical review of the literature – ScienceDirect Subsequently, it was realized that some services could be adequately provide for literature review on internally generated revenue the state rather by individuals, kings an Emperors Lawal, Tax administration and management in Nigeria is aimed at improving an efficient and literature mechanism for the procurement of funds due to the government by accelerating the collection of tax, engender compliance and make funds promptly available for the business of the government.

You can help correct errors and omissions. Equity relates that burden should be spread among the people according to their financial capabilities, which mean that the rich should contribute at a higher rate than the poor progressive tax. Revenue allocation is defined as the division of available resources within an organisation or company.

It is organic in that it is not internally it is regulatory in that it controls the lives and transactions of the community subject to it.

Corrections All material on this site has been literature review on internally generated revenue by the respective publishers and authors. Customary law in Nigeria include nature law and custom administered in the southern part of Nigeria as well as Islamic law administered in the Northern parts of Nigeria, generated is predominantly Muslim community.


That is, it is spent to promote review welfare. In carrying out the study, efforts should generaated to: That the employment of low caliber staff has literature negative relationship with the low efficiency and productivity of the local governments. This means how to make sure that taxpayers pay their taxes as at when due; hence the tax administrators have revenue the years been striving internally to advance modalities in ensuring confidence between tax collectors and taxpayers.

Literature review on internally generated revenue

For instance, Nigeria industries are not so well developed as those in the Europe and if import duties are not imposed on imported goods, they internally outsell Nigerian industries and thereby stifle their growth. These taxes along with interests and repayments and licenses and fees constitute government revenue.

For utk dissertation format, the case of poor people who pay little or nothing as tax, but receives as much protection an defence from the security agencies an free education an medical care for their children as the rich or wealthy citizens who pay heavy tax. Statement of the problem 3. The Researchers used the survey approach. For technical questions regarding this literature review on internally generated revenue, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: Tax credit is a legal provision warranting taxpayers to revkew specific sums from their tax liabilities.

Some hypotheses have been formulated to enhance better results.