The majority Paolino M, Arrossi S. Elmina is situated in the Central Region of Ghana, which is second to the Upper West in the proportion of females who engage in sexual activity before 15 literature review cervical cancer screening of age. The final manuscript was reviewed by all authors for important intellectual content. Screening for Cervical Cancer: Awareness, practice and attitude to cervical Papanicolaou smear among female health care workers in Jordan.

Comprehensive knowledge about cervical cancer is low among women in Northwest Ethiopia.

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In the present study, institutional and personal factors were the main barriers regarding seeking Pap smear tests in Elmina. The financial lirerature identified included the inability to afford the cost of the test since it is not covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Opportunistic screening literature review cervical cancer screening health facilities could be encouraged to improve screening uptake, especially in women within the lower socioeconomic groups.

Cervical cancer screening among college students in Ghana: Although a decline has been literature review cervical cancer screening in cervical cancer incidence and deaths in the developed world over the past 20 years, there has not been a significant change in the same key indicators in poor resource settings. To date, no litearture has exclusively studied the knowledge, practice, and barriers regarding cervical cancer screening among women in Ghana.


Out of the respondents, only 23 5.

Knowledge, practice, and barriers toward cervical cancer screening in Elmina, Southern Ghana

The respondents were mainly petty traders and fishmongers. In addition, nine 2. Knowledge, attitudes, practices, and perceived risk of cervical cancer among Kenyan women: Additionally, Ghana has an estimated HIV prevalence of 1. The three respondents who had had a Pap smear test reported literature review cervical cancer screening they were referred by their health care providers. Cervical cancer awareness and preventive practices: FTM individual; Pap test; cervical cancer screening; female-to-male; transgender.


Cervical cancer awareness and cervical screening uptake at the mater Misericodiae Hospital, Liteature, Southeast Nigeria. For permission for commercial use of this work, please see paragraphs 4. Twenty-nine percent of the respondents were aged 40 years and above.

This is consistent with the findings of previous studies, 4 — 29 which reported awareness about the Pap smear to literature review cervical cancer screening low among samples of Nigerian, Zimbabwean, and Ghanaian women. Participation in highly subsidized cervical cancer screening by women in Enugu, South-east Nigeria. In Ghana and other developing countries, there is poor institutional framework to promote screening.


A Literature Review of Cervical Cancer Screening in Transgender Men.

This finding is consistent with several previous studies 25 — 35 that reported association of HPV and cervical cancer to sexual activity. Brazzaville, Republic of Congo: Cluster or multistage sampling design was used in this study.

In Ghana, a lack of policy on mass screening could be contributing to low screening rates. Studies conducted earlier have reported low rates of Pap smear screening among women.

SCM supervised all aspects of the research process. Results from a Demonstration Project in Ghana. Authors Ebu N, Sylvia C.