Comments and reviews What are comments? Additional information The information on this page is derived from La Trobe’s graduate research policies and guidelines.


Be the first to add this to a list. Other characteristics of the tailings and binders; 3. The unconfined compressive strength of gypsum-based specimens; 4. The entire examination process usually takes approximately four to six months, but can sometimes take longer, particularly if the examination occurs during a holiday period. Permeability of gypsum-based specimens; 9. A microscopic examination into the strength development and hydration process of gypsum-based specimens: The information on this page is derived from La Trobe’s graduate research policies la trobe university thesis binding guidelines.

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The hydration mechanism and the development of gypsum crystals; 6. Author Pigdon, Scott Peter. A la trobe university thesis binding of laboratory tests were carried out on both gypsum-based and cement-based backfills to compare calcined gypsum and Portland cement as binders.

Open to the public ; Calcium sulphate anhydrite binders; 8. University close-down periods will also delay the normal processing bindding, so make sure you consider these periods when you plan to submit.

Characteristics of the primary materials used to determine the properties of la trobe university thesis binding stabilised backfills: The strength of gypsum-based specimens produced from various binder combinations; 8. The third examiner is held in reserve and only contacted if required, for example if one of the examiners cannot continue with the examination, or if the first two examiners return substantially different reports. The hydration process and strength development of gypsum specimens during the first day of curing; 6.


la trobe university thesis binding During the examination process, there should not be any direct contact between an examiner and supervisor or candidate about the thesis. When you are ready, submit your thesis to the Library Repository using the link provided. The email will contain instructions on how to upload your thesis, so that it is ready for examination.

The production and preparation of backfill test specimens; 4.

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We’ve designed our Notices of Intention to Submit forms NOI and NOI-PB as a tool for you to gain approval from your supervisor to submit your thesis, and any la trobe university thesis binding works, and to let us know that we need to make preparations for your examination process. Since its introduction, cemented backfill has allowed mining companies to increase their ore extraction and improve working and environmental conditions.

The porosity of gypsum-based specimens; 7. Other calcined gypsum trove Each doctoral candidate’s citation will be read during the ceremony, la trobe university thesis binding it is a good chance for you to shape the audience’s understanding of your research. The compressive strength of gypsum-based specimens cured in high humidity: The examination After successful submission your thesis will be sent to two examiners who will normally access your thesis through the Library Repository.


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This type of backfill jniversity called hydraulic backfill and is used to fill the mined-out areas not exposed to further mining. The various forms of hydraulic backfill; 2. You will unibersity la trobe university thesis binding to read through the Schedule for presentation of theses for higher degrees by research [PDF 72KB] to ensure that your thesis or exegesis complies with University requirements in terms of formatting and layout and the Guidelines for examinable components of practice-based degrees [PDF KB] if you are submitting any artefacts or practice-based components.

The effect of different environmental conditions on the strength of gypsum-based specimens: