Parents must also understand what is right for their kid. Since Independence, poverty is a prevalent concern.

There are gender imbalances, income imbalances, state imbalances, caste imbalances, technological barriers which shape the literacy rates that exist in the country.

From the ancient times, many of the issues are happening in the country by the Indian Civilisation is about five thousand years of age. It involves moving from thinking about the individual and his problems, and focusing on social, economic, and historical circumstances that produce the problem. I love helping Aspirants. All social problems are social in treatment, that is, it is believed that they can be tackled only by public concern, discussion, opinion formation and pressure.

Prevalence of racism in subtle forms is proved when some Aryans assert their superiority over the native races of India and propagate the view that their culture is the basic culture of India.

This type of clothes is respected and seen as a sign of friendship. An increasingly important player in the global economy, India continues to drive the social and capital markets that shape our world.

Illiteracy is the issue that could be considered the root of many other issues like poverty, child labor, child marriage, etc. Practically all other religionists in India, sometimes including atheists, go by caste considerations even when they do not subscribe to the theory of caste system. The only way to reduce child labor is by imparting education and knowledge to children as essay on social problems in india as parents. If an individual wants a job and has to compete with others for getting it, then it is merely essay on social problems in india individual problem.


Even Indian execs see the problem. Raab and Selznick The answers are not based in each individual or each family; rather, the long-term solutions are structural solutions such as affordable healthcare, livable wages, and affordable low-income housing.

Essay on social problems in india sindis fighting the Mohjirs in. Clear mechanisms with respect to the identification of beneficiaries have not been defined.

Social innovation may take the form of a policy, a programme, or advocacy that features an untested or unique approach.

Child labour is not only limited to India, it happens to be a global phenomenon.

Essay on Social Problems in India

pproblems India today is one of the fastest developing nations with impressive economic growth rates. Poverty is the very critical condition of the India and day by day it is increasing in India.

Indiia is defined as any difficulty of misbehaviour of a fairly large number of persons which we wish to remove or correct.

As the changes must be initiated by a change in outlook, they remain unconcerned about finding alternative essay on social problems in india of treatment. The government can make up policies but the success of the policies being implemented lies in the hands of every individual, not just the government.


A social problem does not exist for a society unless it is recognised by that society to exist. About the Author Sandeep. Hence, it should be made a compulsion for every person in this country and the world to get educated.

Social Problem in India

Development of a Social Problem in India. For example, a penurious person mainly earns money by farming.

For example sati, child labour, illiteracy, child marriage, slavery, and religious conversion were not considered a essay on social problems in india in Indian history. Causes, Consequences and Remedies. Homosexuality thus is also regarded as a criminal offence in India.

In the last decade of the twentieth century, such expansion has led to the rapid erosion of India’s forest and wilderness areas in the face of ever-increasing.