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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star as Mia and Sebastian, an aspiring actress and pianist, who fall in love while trying to make it big in Hollywood. My Life as a Zucchini Year: Carnival of Souls is vintage psychological horror on a miniscule budget, and has since been cited as an influence in the fever dream visions of directors such as David Lynch.

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Waititi expertly juggles the laughs and the more meaningful moments, and you'll see why he was the perfect choice to take on Thor. If aliens do ever land on Earth, maybe we should just send avaipable to greet them.

There is much to be said about the responsibility of seeing in our world today, after all.

7 of the best films you can watch on YouTube right now

Matthew Robbins Old aailable and aliens partner to fight gentrification for the crowd-pleasing win! Blue is the Warmest Color Year: Kuenne only meant the film to be a gift, a love letter to his friend postmarked to Zachary, to allow the baby to one day get to know his father via the many, many people who loved him most. Army to figure out how the hell to communicate with our alien visitors.

Instead, it is remarkable for its foundation, for all of the substantive storytelling infrastructure that Kusama builds the film upon in the first place. With that, the film manages to filjs the sports story as something both brainy and physically pure. Together, they make an unstoppable force of vengeance against the local martial arts master who crippled them, as well as his son, who ironically lost his arms at a young age, and so sports dart-shooting cast-iron facsimiles.

Like any good follow-up, Crank 2 is everything that Crank was, but launched irretrievably down a hellish K-hole, fimls up all the public sex, murder, violence, gratuitous nudity, nihilism and genre-bending fuck-all spirit that made the first such a potential point of cult fascination.

There is nothing subtle about Crank 2 ; there is only submission. April and the Extraordinary World reminds us of the aesthetic value of traditional animation and the necessity of human ingenuity, all without treating its audience like idiots.

The Best Movies on Netflix (October ) :: Movies :: Lists :: Netflix :: Page 1 :: Paste

Rod Serling would no tp have been a fan. Nicolas Winding Refn If Nicolas Winding Refn—anthropomorphic cologne bottle; asexual jaguar—is going to make a horror film, Nicolas Winding Refn will make a horror film about the things that scare Nicolas Winding Refn most: Creep 2 is one of the most surprising, emotionally resonant horror films in recent memory.

Think of April and the Extraordinary World as an intense workout for your brain, during which the film shapes a surrogate Earth in the span of mere minutes and fires off salvos of detail, visual and aural alike, in the pursuit of recalibrating the past. The film taps into a nightmare vein of real-life dread, of loss so profound and pervasive that it fundamentally changes who you are as a human being. The visual rendering is as lush and tto as its subtext, and the music is everything one hopes from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

If you've finished watching Stranger Things and you're looking for something to fill the void, this might be the film for you. In it, Toni Royalty Hightower is an year-old who has more experience with stereotypically male pursuits like lifting weights and punching speed bags than the usual interests of a pre-teen girl.

7 of the best films you can watch on YouTube right now

You can engage with Arrival for its text, which is powerful, striking, emotive and, most of all, abidingly compassionate. Witness with amazement what bizarrely heartfelt splendors its creators will come up with next. Unlike Let the Svailable One InThe Transfiguration may not be a vampire movie at all, but a movie about a lonesome kid with an unhealthy fixation on gothic legends. Demon gets under the skin, distorting perception while corrupting bliss at the same time, and even with a plate that full the film finds room for pitch black humor and a slice of nationalism: If you often complain that all superhero films are the same, Logan might be the one to change your mind.

Eight shocking behind-the-scenes stories from your favourite movies Movie News 3 years ago.

A film with such fil,s seemingly unpalatable concept becomes, against all odds, a near-profound existential meditation. At least some of us are still trying.

The 100 Best Movies on Netflix (October 2018)

A buddy comedy built atop the premise of a man Paul Dano lugging around, and bonding with, a flatulent talking corpse Daniel Radcliffe —but cinema is a medium in which miracles are possible, and one such miracle occurs in Swiss Army Man.

Lean on Pete Year: What We Do in the Shadows Year: Good news for diligent viewing types, though: So it is with City of Ghostsin which he follows members of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a group committed to using citizen-based journalism to expose the otherwise covered-up atrocities committed by ISIS and the Assad regime in Syria.

It was 50 years ago this past August that Charles Whitman ascended the university tower with a cache of guns, killed three people inside, and went on to kill another 11 plus an unborn baby over the course of an hour and a half.

Vincent, in her filmmaking debut.

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